Custom Apron

Need a custom aprons for your customers?  We can do it!! We have been making bags, aprons,  Baby wearables products for 3 generations. We can carry out your project, from the design (pattern) to the packaging.

We are located in Canada, so we can design, produce and fast shipping your bags.

Low minimum order! Call us  for a quote1.888.375.5619!

As a North-American company, we are able to rapidly respond to your sample requests and any modifications without the delays inherent to time zones impeding your phone meetings or the delays caused by the process of customs clearance.

It is under the banner of Tex-Fab that the Ranger Group has offered for many years a turnkey service for your need for tailoring, pattern-making, silk-screening, labelling, wrapping, etc. We also offer you logistic, raw material and finished goods warehousing services.

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