Foam molding service

Molding foam (or Thermoforming ) is a process that imparts a precise form to a material by applying heat in order to congeal it to that appearance. Although it is used for many materials, we principally specialize in molding textile products. The lamination and molding processes are favoured to impose a shape on women’s swimsuits (triangle insert foam cup), dresses, bras, bras pads, foam cups, cycling shorts(light padding for your seat), helmet interiors, masks, breast-feeding cushions, and much more.

Foam Bra Cups Black from Ranger Molding
Foam Bra Cups Black from Ranger Molding
Swimsuit foam cups insert triangle - Ranger Molding

At  Ranger Molding (a division of Ranger Group), we have been executing thermoforming for over 40 years already, our expertise and know-how are well established. We are able to rapidly respond to your needs because of this expertise. Also, we possess a large number of standard molds, among others, for bras cups (foam cups and swimwear cup inserts) as well as for different products necessitating thermoforming, for example in the field of lady’s lingerie. The scope of our inventory saves you the cost of acquiring a mold. It is also possible to create molds specifically for your projects. Our work force specialized in sewing, permits us to entirely or partially fulfill your product to increase your productivity. Please ask us for samples, you will be conquered by the quality of the product!

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