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L. Davis Textiles, a division of Ranger Group, is one of the most renowned names in …


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Fabrics glue on foam from Ranger Molding


Laminating is the process of joining together of different textile materials in order that ….

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Molding FOAM ( or Thermoforming ) is a process that imparts a precise form …

Ranger Group

The Groupe Ranger (Ranger Group) centralizes 3 prominent divisions, Moulage Ranger (Ranger Molding), Tex-Fab et L. Davis Textile operating in different spheres of textile transformation manufacturing. All are recognized for their services well adapted to their customers as well as their high-quality products. Our team and our experience permit us to manufacture all sorts of textile products, be it for a baby’s bassinette, reusable bags, backpacks, aprons and biking shorts, etc. Thanks to our highly-qualified work force, we may also product products requiring thoroughness such as: bras, fine lingerie, etc. The possibilities are infinite and our production is able to handle small as well as larger lots.

Our market is spread all over North America. Being on the same continent, we may quickly supply products meeting your customer’s requests and will permit you to deliver without delay.

The Ranger Group is proud to be an eco-responsible business.